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Yacht tender

A yacht tender is a vessel used for servicing and providing support and entertainment to a private or charter yacht. They include utilitarian craft, powered by oar or outboard motor, and high-speed luxury craft, supporting superyachts, powered by inboard engines, some using water-jets. Some superyachts have a support vessel that follows them with bulky items that are not conveniently stowed aboard the main yacht, such as a helicopter, automobile or larger watercraft.
Tenders may be towed behind a yacht, if they are light and towed at a low speed, or lifted on board, if they are heavy enough to cause damage in a collision or when the vessel cruises at too high a speed for towing. The type of tender varies, according to the size of the yacht served, although yachts of all sizes are may have one or more rigid-hulled inflatable boats (RIBs). Yacht tenders like other types of ship's tender, may transport supplies and personnel or be used for the entertainment and pleasure of a yacht's passengers.
Superyachts exceed 24 metres (79 ft) in length. Their tenders come in a variety of styles that include classic, modern, sedan, and RIB. Many are capable of speeds of up to 60 knots (110 km/h). Superyachts often feature stern garages, which house the tender and other water toys. Superyacht tenders include classic-influenced boats (such as mahogany runabouts), custom made luxury tenders, and support vessels that follow (shadow) the yacht.
Superyachts may have one or more large custom tenders in one of an assortment of styles with inboard engines and driven either by propellers or jetboat impellers. Long established custom builders such as Hodgdon Yachts and Vikal International, have developed high-end limousine tenders and specialized multi purpose tenders. Tenders may serve as pleasure craft or speed boats to drag bananas and for waterskiing, wakeboarding and also to transport and service leisure scuba set diving.
Superyachts may be accompanied by a support (or shadow) vessel that carries such items as watercraft, helicopters or other large items that the yacht, itself, cannot readily accommodate. Such vessels range in length from 20 to 100 metres (66 to 328 ft). There are at least four manufacturers that specialize in building such vessels. One 67-metre (220 ft) example included the following amenities: a helicopter deck, six guest rooms, two-story helicopter hangar with sound system, movie theater, freshwater pool, a landing craft, four each of: jet skis, kayaks, sailboats, diving and fishing gear, and water skis. For use ashore there were reportedly a two-seater automobile, two motor scooters and two bicycles. The vessel also featured a 35-short-ton (32,000 kg) crane.